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CadnaA Noise Prediction Software

  • My DM30 dust monitor is powered on, but not data is coming through, why is this?
    Generally, if the monitor is powered on (you see a green light inside the cabinet), yet is not sending data to the cloud, this will be due to a lack of signal at the current location. Try relocating the monitor to another position on site. If data is still not coming through, please contact our support team for assistance.
  • My DM30 monitor is showing red on Sonitus Cloud, why is this?
    Generally, this will be an indication that the monitor is not receiving power. Please check all cables are attached correctly and have not been damaged. If the monitor is powered by battery, please make sure this is charged. Due to low voltage protection features of the monitor, a battery with charge percentage below 30% should be considered flat and will need to be charged.

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