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Dust monitor

Dust Sentry

The Dust Sentry is a reliable, robust dust monitor for remote monitoring of PM10 on site.

Select option:
Power Supply: 

Mains supply - 110V or 240V. 

How to Power ON: 

Step 1:

Plug in the mains cable (See fig 1).

Step 2:

Open the door to the monitor, inside the case there will either be a red/black fuse board (see fig 2), or a power toggle switch (see fig 2). Make sure the black fuse is pushed in (see fig 2), or toggle is set to correct source of power (see fig 3)


Fig 1

2024-01-26 12.32_edited.png

Fig 2

Fig 3

How to Power OFF: 

Remove power cable from the base of the monitor, pull out the black fuse from inside the monitor or toggle the power to OFF using the dial inside the monitor.

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